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Check a used Porsche quickly and confidently before you buy the wrong one with one of my easy to use Porsche buyers Guide. 

Everyday, someone crashes, totals, ruins or steals a Porsche, but every day they get repaired and resold to ordinary buyers. Most 911 will look good, but can be hiding problems that could cost you $1000’s and some are hiding things that you can never put right.

I cover the buying of a used Porsche comprehensively. From the first phone call through to the inspection, test driving, history and negotiation, all from my own actual real life Porsche dealing experience.

I have been fortunate, my first 911 was way back when a 1973 911 Targa wasnt so old. Since then an awful lot of Porsche have passed through my hands since the business was established in 1991. I still like them.  In fact I appreciate the quality of a Porsche more now than ever, whether its a classic Porsche 911, 964, 993 or a more modern 996, Cayman, Boxster or 997.  Good Porsche 944, 968 transaxle cars and the occasional  928 landshark pass our way too.


I was preparing to make a trip from Chicago to Atlanta to purchase a car. After pressing some of the points found in your guide, I realized that my seller was being evasive. Using your guide helped me ask the right questions with confidence and prevented me from making what might have been a very expensive mistake. Thanks again!

Mark S Chicago

Please note: all buyers guides are Windows only. Mobile & Mac versions will be available later in 2016