Porsche 993

Porsche 993

The 993 is a first class choice of Porsche, the end of an era. It’s the last of the air cool Porsche and is fast becoming a modern classic. 993 are generally very strong cars but it's important to know what you are really buying and make sure it is genuine. The effort is worth it as a good 993 is superb.

Do yourself a favour that you will never regret, make the effort now to learn how the same techniques that I use to select the right example. Reduce your risk of buying a clocked, crashed, sick, stolen, lemon or otherwise substandard Porsche 911 Carrera (also know as Porsche 993 Carrera) by using my Porsche 911 (993) Buying Guide.

I buy and sell Porsche 911 993 every month and have the same problems, frustrations, risk and motivations as you. The Porsche 911 993 Carrera buyers guide is for all ages of 993. Starting from late 1993 through to the last ones made in 1998. I believe my 911 buying guides are the most useful Porsche buying information on the market and it will help you to quickly and easily identify the good from the bad. It will give you the confidence to act decisively, whatever your level of experience. You will be in a much stronger position when you come to buy your Porsche 993 – you will likely know more about the Porsche for sale than the seller!

Porsche 911 Buyers Guide for 993 of 1994 to ’98. Including the Carrera 2, 4, Coupe, Targa and convertible, C4S, C2S.


Tony B.


Thanks for the help. Your advice has saved me a small fortune and
rescued me from buying a car I wouldn't have been proud of.

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