When I explained to the owner that I was no longer interested he was (I believe) genuinely stunned by what he heard when I explained why. He wondered why the OPC 111 point extended warranty check hadn’t thrown anything up. It was flattering to be asked if I would check over his next Porsche purchase! Thanks again – from a delighted customer.

Morgan F.


I really enjoyed your 911 buying guide, so much that I also bought the other three volumes just for the joy of discovering more about the 911 family members. With the help of your guide  I have inspected and purchased a 911 Speedster  here in Japan, it is pristine.”  

Aynsley Catalano.


I’m selling a 2000 Porsche 996 Cabriolet and one of my prospective buyers forwarded your Buyer’s Guide to me. I found it to be very informative and a great educational tool for any prospective buyer. As a seller, I get tired of answering the wrong questions. If every buyer were armed with your publication, we’d all be better off indeed.

Roger C.


I was rather sceptical that this may be a ‘web scam’ but my fears appear to have been misplaced. Certainly I feel more empowered and hopefully I’ll be better able to find a worthy car.” 

Aaron P. Collins


Thank you so much for offering such a great tool. I just bought a 1986 Porsche 911 Targa 33,000 miles and it had the renowned synchro problem which the person I bought it from said “they all shift that way.”  Needless to say if I didn’t have your guide I would have taken it that way instead of getting $2000 off the price to have it fixed.



I have bought other Porsche 911 guides but been disappointed. I enjoyed yours tremendously and appreciated the sound, detailed advice.

William T


Let me say that your guide is truly indispensable. It helped me hone in on a great example of a 1997 911 C2S with 27,000 miles, low owner history with a stellar PPI. 

Kenneth S.

Well your guide helped me get past two poor examples and led me to a cherry! ’89 white cab. with a couple small dings but otherwise looked like she just came out of the show room. Your guide gave me the confidence to purchase knowing what to look for top to bottom. Seeing bent oil pipes, hidden corrosion, door bolts removed, water under mats etc. got me off cars costing 5K less and led me to mine. Thanks again!

Jens Kleis Frederiksen.

Lausanne, Switzerland

Last year I bought your excellent guides to the 964 and the 993. They are great reading, and provide by far the best and most comprehensive advise available to buying a second hand Porsche 911. During the past months I have seen and tried a number of 964s, and using your guides I have rejected all of them. Many were accident damaged, had oil leaks, a dying clutch, dodgy service history, or a combination of all.

Finally, two weeks ago, I found what I was looking for. A 1993 Carrera 4with 117.000 km on the clock. Although the car was in Geneva, only a short drive form where I live, I started by asking the dealer to fax me copies of the service book and registration papers. It provided good reading, and preparation for the visit. The car had had only two owners, both living in Geneva. All services had been carried out by the Porsche dealer in Geneva who originally sold the car. From the registration papers I found the name of the last owner, and called him. He turned out to be an avid 911 enthusiast and he told me openly about the cars’ history.

Afterwards, I called the Porsche dealer in Geneva, where the foreman kindly confirmed what the previous owner had told me. Thus prepared, I went to inspect the car. Using your guide as a checklist, I spent 4 hours going through it. It was in excellent condition, and only needed a new windscreen, new brake discs and pads. (all things that the previous owner had pointed out). The dealer agreed to fix these items and was visibly impressed by my approach, i.e. your guide.

Finally, my search had come to an end. I bought the car and now look forward to having it delivered this Thursday. Just in time to take it to France for the 24 Heures at Le Mans. An appropriate maiden voyage, I think.

Your guide has been invaluable help to buying my 964. Without it I would no doubt have ended up with an inferior car. An added, but equally important, benefit is that for once I felt comfortable buying a second hand car because I knew what to look for.

In short, I am having a blast with my 964, not least because your guide helped me secure a healthy car. Thank you!

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